Looking for an appartment or house?

Hello searcher

As we know you are looking for a new/other appartment or a new/other house. We will try to do our best to help and support you.

We can offer you two options:

Search on your own

Should you prefer to look for a property on your own, try out the following websites:


We recommend that you to register on the websites. This will allow the search engines to provide you offers you are looking for. As soon as the search engine matches your request you will get an E-Mail. Therefore you need no longer to check the pages daily.

We search for you

For this purpose we've prepared a small questionnaire for you. Fill it out and return it to us. If of any interest, we would initiate a search request and forward you the proposals.
This service would be prized at 250 CHF for 6 months.


Let us know wether you're intrested or not. Should you need any further information you can reach us under:
+41 44 422 55 56